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Sun_man's story
Yla Eason's story
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The legend of Sun-Man Continues...

His magical melanin skin gave him unequalled, unlimited and special super strength. Sun-Man's skin could not be cut, burned, bruised, broken, pierced, stabbed, ripped or removed.

So Pig-Head the evil wart, was plotting to smoke-out Sun-Man. He wanted to see if he could weaken Sun-Man's powerful skin through the smoke from the drugs Pig-Head had just cooked up.

But Sun-Man flies free, protecting the right for the Galaxy-Trefixa to exist in peace. His rap is clear:

"Pig-Head listen, you're bad luck. You won't win, so just give up. Sun-Man is on the scene to stay. My good powers shall rule all the way! 

The battle has just Begun...

When Yla Eason after hearing her son announce he could never be "He-Man" because "He-Man" was white realized that her son had no Black, super-hero toys to play with, she founded Olmec Toys

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